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Vegetable Garden

Our Story

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, Nothing will be impossible for you.

-Matthew 17:20

Owner, Matthew Ramos

Puro Plants Farm

Puro Plants opened as a community supported farm in Montebello, California in October 2020. The founder, Matthew R., took steward of an under-utilized plot of land owned by Southern California Edison contracted for growing food with the community. This had been a dream for him since he was a little boy, growing up not too far from the land which had been empty for 60+ years.

The goal of Puro Plants was to help the community realize their sovereignty and power by providing access to local-grown organic plant-based produce. The farm was home to a community compost drop-off, health/artisan fairs, kids classes, activities for seniors and so much more. The motto of the farm was “small farm, huge impact.” 

In the year Puro Plants farm was opened, we collaborated with LA Compost, The Energy Coalition, California Volunteers, Americorps, the California Climate Action Corps, local organizations/groups and countless small businesses. We were licensed by the County of Los Angeles Agricultural Commissioner to grow and sell at Farmers' Markets. We even had press acknowledge our accomplishments, including the Montebello Reporter, Whittier Daily News and Goodful. Our accomplishments include:

# Registered Composters/Farm Contributors:          300+

# Pounds of diverted food waste:                               50,000+

# Pounds of food grown and distributed:                  300+

# Children taught with Puro Plants curriculum:         100+

In the year we were open the local government illegally infringed multiple times on our rights, impeded in private contracts, made false allegations to our landlords, and created content online because they were against our holistic approach to health. Our farm was forced to close its first year. The Puro Plants community saved most of the plants and compost. The garden beds were donated to Lighted Garden Ministry in San Bernadino. 

Continuing Our Mission

After the closing of Puro Plants Farm, we continued to organize events with schools and libraries, serve plant-based food at community events in Los Angeles and Long Beach while behind the scenes creating our first online program, ‘Plant-Based in 60 Days.'

'Plant-Based in 60 Days'

This immersive online program created by Matthew R. teaches the reasons, routines and recipes to help students transition to a plant-based lifestyle (if they choose.) 

Pulling from 20 years of trial and error, discernment and life-applied research, Matthew has created a program that gives students the education, motivation and support needed to transform their lifestyle. His journey of transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle started in 2012 and took 6 years. He has condensed that experience into a cohesive 8 week program. 

Through a combination of weekly theory classes and guided food labs, we ween students away from meats, milks and processed foods by incorporating more plants onto their plate. We give students the tools to transition completely to plant-based lifestyle, but the goal is to simply eat more plants, not only plants. 

For complete course description, click here. 

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