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Frequently Asked Questions Being Plant-Based:


Where do you get protein on a plant-based lifestyle?

Plants. Plants contain all the vital nutrients humans need to thrive. In addition, plant nutrients are easier to absorb by the human body than animal products.


I'm not ready to go plant-based, can I still join your program?

Absolutely. This program was designed to incorporate more plants in every meal. Our goal is not to have you eat only plants, but to eat more plants.

Do you eat processed vegan 'meat' and 'cheeses'?

Rarely. Processed food can contain chemicals we avoid. In our program we cook with whole foods such as nuts, legumes, soy and mushrooms as substitutes for meats and cheese.

Will your program cure my dis-ease?

No guarantees. A plant-based lifestyle helps reverse chronic dis-ease. Plant-based in 60 Days provides the reasons, skills and recipes to help you transition to this lifestyle. However, your health is ultimately your responsibility.


What is the class size?

Theory classes are broadcast to all students. Food Labs are intimate cohorts.


When is the next cohort?

Click here to find out! 

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